Our Projects

Syrian Institute for Progress (SIP) is a dedicated organization for helping the Syrian children, victims of
the Assad’s regime chemical bombs and barrels, causing the most horrific pain imaginable. SIP arranged
with the Shriners Hospital in Galveston, Texas to treat three innocent children suffering from severe
burns to most of their bodies. Many surgical operations are required to finalize the burnt children
treatment over an extended period of time.
SIP Board of Directors is grateful to the financial support of all donors and for their trust and confidence
which convey their generosity, love, and humane spirit for the innocent victimized Syrian children.
SIP would like to take this opportunity to thank the Shriner’s hospital, the United States Department of
State, and the communities in Los Angeles and Houston, Texas, for their support with the difficult
logistics work that facilitated the children travel and accommodations.
SIP received several requests from Syrian relatives to accommodate more burnt children, but
unfortunately our limited resources do not permit us to do so at this time.
We ask all concerned individuals to pray for these innocent children and may God bless them all. We
wish them speedy recovery and safe return to their parents and love ones in their own countries.