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December 30, 2014


SIP Sponsor two Syrian burnt children

The Syrian Institute for Progress (SIP) is pleased to announce the sponsorship of two  Syrian children  who are badly burned, and will receive life changing treatment in the United States.  They were originally scheduled to arrive in Houston, Texas on Saturday,  December 27.  However one child arrived on the 28th due to travel delay and the second got stuck at Istanbul airport not being allowed to board the Plane since the child did not have  a passport.  The U.S. consulate in Istanbul worked tirelessly with several branches of the Turkish government where finally was allowed to board the plane to Houston and should arrive at 22:42 tonight.  Both children will be treated at Shriners hospital in Galveston, Texas

These are just two of thousands of Syrian children who have suffered at the hands of the Assad regime.  Many have suffered not only burns, but also the loss of limbs and debilitating spinal injuries.  SIP urges all those who can help do so, especially during the charitable holiday season.

SIP  expresses thanks to the  U. S. State Department and the U.S. Consulate in Istanbul for support these efforts and  facilitating visas and temporary travel documents  which allowed   these children and their guardians to enter the United States.  SIP also expresses its appreciation to Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for their special arrangement at the airports to make the processing of their entry to the U.S. pleasant one.  SIP also express thanks to all those who helped behind the seen from the Turkish Government to lift the travel ban on Israa.  SIP expresses its gratitude to Shriners hospital, and the many individuals who have donated their time and money so these children will experience a better life.

About SIP

Syrian Institute for Progress (SIP) is  501C (3) Non-Profit, a charitable organization that supports the humanitarian needs of displaced Syrians, and aims to rebuild a civil and democratic society, rule of law, and a vibrant economy.   Through education, communication and understanding, SIP is committed to promote understanding between Syrian and American societies.  Donations are Tax Deductible.  SIP Tax ID is 45-5593363

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